MetroNet Construction

Geneva residents will have a new option for their cable television, Internet and phone service coming in the future.

MetroNet will begin installing fiber optic cable and infrastructure in parkways throughout the City during the next two years after the Geneva City Council approved a cable television franchise agreement with the company in September.

MetroNet will start constructing its fiber network in late October or early November in the Pepper Valley and the northern half of the Fisher Farms subdivisions on the Geneva’s west side, pending permit approval from the City.


MetroNet will notify residents three times prior to construction commencing in their neighborhood. 

  • A letter will be mailed to residents several weeks beforehand.
  • A postcard reminder will be mailed as the project start date draws closer
  • Yard markers (pictured) posted on the property serve as a final reminder to alert people that crews will be installing underground and aerial equipment in the next few days.


Each neighborhood will take about six to eight weeks to complete. The entire fiber network installation project is anticipated to last two years to build out through the entire City.

Once construction is finished, MetroNet will restore parkways where digging has occurred. Residents are then encouraged to water the impacted areas following the grass repairs.

MetroNet will announce future construction locations in the coming months. After the fiber network has been installed, people will have the option to sign up for MetroNet’s television, Internet and phone plans or maintain their existing services with their current provider.


MetroNet will announce future construction locations in the coming months. The best way to stay informed about this project is through MetroNet's website

We also will be posting updates via our Pardon Our Progress construction blog.