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Home Safety Inspections
Community Fire Safety Education

Fire safety in the home should involve the entire family, young and elderly alike. If everyone in the family practiced and encouraged fire safety in their home, tragedies would be significantly reduced. To increase community education in fire safety, the Geneva Fire Department offers free residential home inspections as a service to the residents of Geneva.

Your home inspection from the Geneva Fire Department will cover many areas of potential hazards and will equip you with the knowledge to keep you and your family safe year round.

The inspector will review and make recommendations on:
  • Fireplace and chimney maintenance and safety
  • Gas appliances and flues
  • Safe use and storage of fuels and flammable liquids
  • Safe use of space heaters
  • Utility shut-off locations and how to shut off utilities in an emergency
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Electrical safety
  • Family safety and safety concerns for children

Additional Information

In addition to an inspection, additional information is provided on home safety. Family safety information provided includes home escape plans, smoke detector testing and fire extinguisher use.

Will I get a written report?
A written report is left with the homeowner at the end of each inspection. Your inspector will point out areas of concern and may recommend corrections to be made. You may receive a recommendation to consult with a qualified professional with experience. You should seek a professional with the proper certifications, insurance, bonding and references.

Is this program voluntary?
This program is completely voluntary. No copies of your inspection will be kept at the fire department and no reinspection will be made unless you request one. If areas of concern are found, they will be pointed out to the homeowner. The goal is to make the homeowner aware of dangers in their home and to provide options to correct these dangers.

Cost to participate
This program is offered free to residents of the City of Geneva. Residential inspections are conducted by appointment only. The inspector will set up the inspection around your schedule. Early evenings and weekends are also available.

How you can participate
If you are interested in educating your family on home safety, please contact us at 630-232-2530