Rebuild Illinois Grant

In accordance with the public notice published in the "Daily Herald" newspaper on June 5, 2020, project information for the Rebuild Illinois Grants is below and in the page’s navigation menu.

Rebuild Illinois Grant

The City of Geneva is applying for a Public Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Shovel Ready grants under the Rebuild Illinois program. The grant request is $5 million to be used to construct an electrical substation and distribution for the Southeast Master Plan Area. Additional funds of $8,048,982 to be used for the completion of the project will come from a proposed City bond issuance.  

Project Summary

The City of Geneva (“City” or “Geneva”) is proposing to construct a new electrical substation and distribution improvements to service the Southeastern Master Plan Area (“SEMP”) of the City. The substation and distribution construction budget is an estimated $13 million.

The current electrical power capacity in the area is insufficient. The substation is required to increase electrical power capacity in the SEMP. The City intends to annex 211 acres of land to its current southeastern border for a new, privately developed industrial park. The industrial park will represent 2.62 million new square feet of industrial space within the City. The development of this industrial park is not possible without the proposed substation. Current capacity cannot adequately serve new businesses.

Project Area

The project area includes the Southeast Master Plan area (see attached SEMP Map) and is defined as property bounded by Route 38 on the north, the Kane/DuPage county line on the east, Fabyan Parkway/Old Fabyan on the south, and Kirk Road on the west. The substation would be constructed on one acre in the southeast quadrant of the SEMP area and the proposed industrial park, north of Fabyan Road and east of the Kautz Road extension.

This project area was determined based on the City’s Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2003, and further detailed in the SEMP adopted in 2012. The City’s main purpose in undertaking the SEMP was to prepare for industrial development of the properties on the east area of the planning study – adjacent to the Kane/DuPage County line.  

The entire City of Geneva will be affected by this project. Construction of the substation and distribution to spur industrial development/business attraction will increase the City’s tax base, available jobs, and the need for services and housing for businesses and workers.  

Project Alignment with Governor’s Plan

The Governor’s Five-Year Economic Plan has three main goals:
1.    Lay the foundation for long-term growth
2.    Reduce the equity gap
3.    Attract more business and workers to Illinois.

The proposed project will help Illinois achieve all 3 goals.

1.    Lay the foundation for long-term growth

Construction of the electric substation will be the foundation for long-term growth in the area. Currently, Geneva does not have the capacity to serve additional businesses. Construction of the substation and the resulting increase in electrical capacity will allow Geneva to be prepared for long-term growth in the area and will result in an increase in exports, foreign direct investment, entrepreneurship, patents, worker productivity, and R&D spending.  

2.    Reduce the equity gap

Investment in the substation will provide support to economically disadvantaged populations. The project is in an area defined by DCEO as underserved. The project is also in a historically rural area. The substation construction will directly provide construction jobs to underserved and rural residents. The indirect businesses attracted to the area as a result of the substation construction will also provide jobs to underserved and rural residents. The project will also be implementing a Minority Inclusion Plan discussed below. This will increase the number of direct and indirect jobs for women and people of color.  

3.    Attract Business & Workers

Without the substation, the addition of businesses and the expansion of the workforce in the area is not possible.  The City does not have the capacity to serve additional businesses. The substation would provide the missing infrastructure required to attract business and create indirect jobs. It is estimated 1,200 permanent jobs would be created by users of the industrial park. It would also result in the creation of new direct construction jobs. The substation itself would result in 8 FTE construction jobs. The resulting industrial park would create another 1,100 construction jobs.

Key Industries

Manufacturing and transportation and logistics are two of the key industries in the Five-Year Plan. The substation is required for development of a 211-acre industrial park which would contain over 2.62 million square feet of space for manufacturers and transportation and logistics businesses. The Five-Year Plan concludes the performance of industries identified as key industries will have a large impact on the state economy, and that the impact will be felt across all regions of the state. Geneva’s proposed industrial park would provide new facilities for manufacturing and transportation/logistics business expansion and growth. Providing for modern facilities for these sectors is paramount to their success, driving increased performance for the companies and the state.