Delnor Hospital PUD & Cancer Center Expansion

Delnor PUD Expansion 2

Welcome to the Northwestern-Delnor Hospital Planned Unit Development (PUD) & Cancer Center Expansion project page, where you will find documents related to the projects. The applicant is requesting site plan review for a 15,466 square foot expansion of the existing Cancer Center and a revision to expand the existing Delnor-Community Hospital PUD, all of which is generally located at 304 S. Randall Road. Specifically regarding the PUD expansion, the applicant is requesting: 1) An amendment to the Delnor-Community PUD to include parcel 12-05-400-021; 2) An amendment to the Fisher Farms PUD to remove parcel 12-05-400-021; and 3) An Amendment to the Delnor-Community PUD to include parcel 12-05-400-007.  

Public Hearing

Both requests will be presented before the Geneva Planning and Zoning Commission, but only the PUD expansion will require a public hearing. This public hearing will be scheduled in the near future. Interested parties may sign up to receive email alerts on the project’s status through the “Notify Me” feature found by clicking here. Provide your email and select “Development Projects” to stay informed.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our Community Development Department staff.

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