Take The City's Tree Pledge

Geneva's parkway trees provide year-round beauty and help ensure a more resilient future by providing environmental, health, and mental wellness benefits. To ensure the City's tree canopy remains healthy and vibrant for future generations, we are asking the community to make the pledge to support efforts for planting 2,025 parkway trees by 2025.

Check the map to see if you have space for a parkway tree, and find more info about the tree pledge on this page.

How can you help? Start by taking the pledge. By signing this pledge you commit to checking into the City's parkway tree replacement program. Through the replacement program, Geneva residents pay $150, and the City pays the remainder of the cost to purchase and plant a new tree.

At this time there are more than 2,000 empty spots for parkway trees in the community. Feel free to use our map as a reference to check if you have room to add a parkway tree near your home. You type in your address by clicking the magnifying glass icon or use the zoom tools to find your home.

Help Geneva stay green and make the pledge today.

2025 Tree Pledge

  1. I pledge to help the City of Geneva stay green by participating in the City's parkway tree replacement program. If I do not have a spot for a parkway tree, I pledge to consider gifting a tree to a friend, neighbor, or family member. Should this not be practical, I will act as an informed resident and share this information with others who may be eligible. By signing below, I pledge to visit the City's website, call, or apply for a new parkway tree for the next planting season, and receive a reminder email.

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Why do we ask for this? This information helps identify where the Committee can do better by sharing program information. The Committee will send an occasional reminder email (x2 annually) regarding parkway tree program deadlines and status updates.