Venture Park

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Welcome to the Venture Park project page, where you will find documents related to this project. The petitioner is requesting consideration of multiple applications regarding the anticipated development of a 55.62-acre site. The requested applications are as follows:

  1. Annexation of 55.62 acres located east of Kirk Road between Old Kirk Road and Fabyan Parkway
  2. Comprehensive plan amendment from commercial to industrial
  3. Zoning map amendment from the RR Rural Residential District to the I1 Light Industrial District


A public hearing will be scheduled before the Planning and Zoning Commission in the near future, to which all interested parties are invited to attend. People may sign up to receive email alerts on the project’s status through the “Notify Me” feature found on the City's website. Provide your email and select “Development Projects” to stay informed.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our Community Development Department staff.

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