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Just The Facts
Facts versus rumors and eliminating misperceptions. Welcome to the City's “Just the Facts’ blog, where we dispel rumors and correct misinformation.

We encourage open and honest discussions about City issues based on the facts. The information presented on the blog is updated as we become aware of rumors or statements that deserve correction or additional facts to provide a more complete understanding of the issue.

This page is intended to present factual information, not to engage in debates regarding personal viewpoints or opinions. If you hear rumors in the community that you believe should be addressed and/or corrected, please contact us.

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Feb 12

Lewis Road Property Sale & Proposed Affordable Housing Development

Posted on February 12, 2021 at 11:00 AM by Kevin Stahr

The Burton Foundation has submitted a development application seeking to construct 45 affordable rental townhome units. The City's Planning & Zoning Commission conducted a public hearing Jan. 14 and 28. The commission deliberated Feb. 11 and voted 6-1 to recommend conditional approval of the project requests. The recommendation now heads to the City Council for consideration at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 22. More details about the application, meeting videos and public comments have been posted to the City's website.

To help provide more clarity on the matter, the City also has published a fact sheet answering the most common questions posed to the City on the matter.

During a special meeting July 13, 2020 the Geneva City Council approved a resolution authorizing the City Administrator to execute a real estate purchase agreement regarding the sale of publicly-owned surplus property on Lewis Road to The Burton Foundation.

The July 13 meeting is available to watch on the City's YouTube channel.

For more information, people can call the City's Community Development Department at 630-232-0818.