Can I operate a business out of my home?
Home occupations are permitted uses in residential districts; however, these must be clearly incidental to the use of the dwelling unit for residential purposes. Home occupations in an accessory building require a special use permit. Home occupations must meet all of the following criteria:

Only members of the family occupying the premises shall engage in the home occupation.

No article shall be sold or offered for sale on the premises and no mechanical or electrical equipment shall be installed or maintained other than is customarily incidental to domestic use.

There shall be no exterior display, exterior sign, no exterior storage of materials, no other exterior indication of the home occupation or variation from the residential character of the principal building or any accessory building, and no offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odors, heat or glare shall be produced, nor shall such home occupation create a parking or traffic problem.

No more than one vehicle associated with the home occupation shall be permitted on the premises.

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