Planned Unit Development (PUD), Preliminary

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a special use that is a substantially different character from other special uses. Specific additional standards and exceptions are established through a formalized review process. A PUD is a privilege to be earned and not a right that can be claimed.

The general purpose of the PUD is to provide a single application process for unique developments that are not accommodated for under conventional zoning regulations, provided such developments benefit the community and are compatible with the character and objectives of the underlying zoning district and of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Section 11-9-2 of the Zoning Ordinance establishes specific purposes for residential PUDs, office or business PUDs, and office research and industrial PUDs.

A preliminary PUD establishes the details of the overall project, such as lot configuration, density, public improvements, utility sizes and placement, easement locations, architectural elevations, development covenants, etc.

Planned Unit Development Application