Garage Sales

RegulationsGarage Sale

The Geneva City Council approved new garage sale regulations in 2015 in response to certain properties operating sales on a routine basis or for prolonged periods of time.

Permits will not be required, but garage sales conducted in Geneva will need to comply with the following regulations:

  • Each garage sale is limited to no more than three consecutive days;
  • A maximum of three garage sales may take place on any one property in the same calendar year;
  • Garage sale signs cannot exceed 6 square feet and must be placed on private residential property (limit one per lot);
  • Up to four smaller temporary directional signs (4 square feet and no taller than 3 feet) may be placed daily in the City’s right-of-way on the day of the event and be removed each evening; and
  • All merchandise must be displayed on private property and should not intrude onto public right-of-way.
The City does not want to make garage sales an overly burdensome process for residents. Officials established these parameters to ensure that garage sales are not a nuisance to surrounding properties and that City staff has the ability to respond to complaints.

Residents with questions or concerns about garage sales can call the City’s Building Division at 630-262-0280.