Underground Electric Replacement Project

2022-23 Project

Underground Electric Cable Replacement 2022 Opens in new windowThe City's underground electric replacement project started in August. The four work zones include:

  • South Street (Gary and Shelia lanes);
  • Hill Road and Whitfield Drive;
  • Burgess Road area (Sherman Avenue, West Street, Millbrook Court, and Radnor Court); and 
  • Fabyan Parkway from Kane County's Electronics Recycling Center to Settler's Hill entrance.

Residents can click on the map to view a larger version. 

Replacing underground utility cables enhances the City’s electric service reliability.

The City's contractor, Utility Dynamics, will be installing conduit through utility easements and public right-of-way for the next several months. Electrical transformers, pedestals and streetlights also will be replaced. The contractor will energize and connect homes to the new equipment. Scheduled power outages will be required as part of the project.

The contractor finished construction on Fabyan Parkway and is set to resume work in the neighborhoods in late June following a delay in receiving materials. The project completion may be extended to July. Final landscape restoration will begin after all the homes have been connected to the new equipment.

Impacted residents are asked to remove obstructions within 10 feet of a switch, junction box, transformer or pedestal. Plantings within 5 feet of street lights should be relocated as well. Residents with private utilities (sprinkler system, dog fence, etc.) are asked to contact the City so the systems could be relocated and not hit by construction crews.

The contractor will have a company take video of all impacted properties to document existing conditions prior to digging operations getting underway.