Crime Tips

Tips To Protect Against Burglaries and Thefts

Crime Prevention.jpgBurglaries to homes, cars, and garages, are a problem and do occur on a regular basis in Geneva. To help safeguard against such crimes, please remember a few common sense precautions.
Please remember to lock all doors and windows if no one will be home at your house. At night, double-check that your garage door is closed and that valuables such as bicycles are properly stored.

It is always a good idea to leave lights on in and outside your house for safety and to give the illusion that someone is at home. Installing motion-sensing lights on your property can help scare away would-be thieves and reduce hiding places. Always remember to lock your car and remove or hide any valuables that can be seen from the outside.

The Geneva Police Department also offers a house check program for any Geneva resident who goes on vacation. By registering at the front desk of the police department, Geneva Police officers will do periodic premise checks of your residence while you are gone. While these steps will not totally eliminate the possibility of hindering a crime, they do minimize the chances. Remember, most criminals are opportunists and look for an easy and quick job. Why make it easy for them?

Crime Prevention Guide for Vacation Tips

Car Burglary Prevention

At times, motorists will return to their cars to find that someone had smashed a window and stolen any number of valuable items. Parked cars represent very attractive targets to burglars for a number of reasons:

  • The burglar can walk through a parking lot, look like they belong, and “shop” as they peer into cars for valuables.
  • If the burglar senses a citizen or police officer is suspicious, they just keep walking toward and enter a store or train station.
  • If during their entry into the car, the burglar is seen, it is very easy to drop out of sight and disappear.
  • The victim usually does not discover the crime until long after the burglary occurred.

If you park your car in a commuter lot or retail parking lot (or even your own driveway), do not keep any valuables inside the passenger compartment!

Briefcases, purses, cell phones, electronic devices, athletic equipment, tools, wallets and coins will all act as a lure for the burglar. During prime shopping seasons, the presence of purchased merchandise is a very attractive temptation for theft.

The best way to deter a car burglar is to not give him a target. Keep valuables hidden and in your possession!

Bicycle Safety

Illinois Bicycle Safety Tips brochure. For more information contact the Illinois Traffic Safety Unit.