Whose Responsibility Is It?

Water Main

8.6.2019 service line illustration

The following illustration helps property owners better understand who is responsible for the maintenance and repairs to the water service line.  

Per the City Code, the water main is the City's responsibility. Additionally, the City is responsible for the service line extending from the water main to the property's shut-off valve, which is also known as the B-Box. The B-Box is typically located in the grass near the driveway or sidewalk.

Property owners are responsible for all fixtures, pipes, valves, and appurtenances from the owner's property to where the water service line connects with the B-Box.

Sanitary Lateral Sewer

sanitary sewer service line illustration

With respect to the sanitary system, property owners are responsible for all fixtures, pipes, tile, wye fittings, and appurtenances serving an owner's property to a point where the sanitary lateral sewer connects to a sanitary interceptor sewer. This includes the area under publicly owned rights-of-way such as the sidewalk, parkway, and street.

The illustration above serves as an example to help property owners better understand where their responsibility is split between them and the City. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Geneva Public Works Water/Wastewater Division at 630-232-1551.