Reimbursement Programs

All program assistance is contingent on City budget fund availability, and participation is based on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Sanitary Backflow Prevention Program

The City created the sanitary backflow prevention program to assist property owners that have experienced at least one sewer backup event, involving sewage from the sanitary sewer system, with the installation of a backflow prevention system.

The City has two separate piping systems: a sewer system that carries sanitary sewage, and a storm sewer that carries stormwater. The sanitary sewer system has more than adequate capacity to convey sanitary flow. However, during intense rain events, stormwater can enter the sanitary sewer system through private and public stormwater sources, and sometimes cause a sanitary sewer to back up into basements where there is no backflow prevention.

The Geneva City Code prohibits the discharge of stormwater into sanitary sewers. Therefore, as a condition of participating in the City's prevention program, sources of stormwater, such as foundation drains and sump pumps, must be disconnected from the City's sanitary sewer system. 

Lead & Galvanized Water Service Replacement Program 

The lead & galvanized water service replacement program is designed to help customers looking to replace lead and galvanized water services disrupted during construction or maintenance by the City of Geneva.

Lead is a metal found in natural deposits and can be harmful, especially for young children. The most common exposure to lead is swallowing or breathing in lead paint chips and dust, but lead in drinking water is another potential avenue.

In the past, lead was used in some water service lines and household plumbing materials. In 1986, new or replaced water service lines and new household plumbing materials could not contain more than 8% lead. Lead content was further reduced in 2014 when plumbing materials needed to be certified as "lead-free."

Sanitary Sewer Service Lateral Lining & Grouting Program

The sanitary sewer service lateral lining and grouting program has been developed to reduce the infiltration of groundwater from private sewer services by lining or grouting the private service lateral.

The Geneva City Code prohibits the discharge of stormwater into sanitary sewers. Therefore, as a condition to participate in the program, sources of stormwater such as foundation drains and sump pumps must be disconnected from the City's sanitary sewer system.

Footing Tile Separation Program

The City's footing tile separation program assists property owners with disconnecting their footing tiles from the City's sanitary sewer system.  A footing tile is a drainage system on the outside of the house to drain water away from the house foundation. In new construction, these tiles are connected to a sump pump and then pumped outside the house. Homes built before 1970 sometimes have footing tiles connected to the sanitary sewer system.

Footing tile connections are a major source of excess water in the sanitary sewer system during heavy rains that can cause basement backups in your and/or your neighbor's home. The excess water entering the sanitary sewer system from footing tiles can cause problems throughout the system and increases wastewater treatment costs for the entire City. Current City codes specifically prohibit the connection of footing tiles to the sanitary sewer system.