Water Consumption Postcard

The City of Geneva Finance Department will send a courtesy notice postcard in the mail to utility accounts that experienced higher water usage in comparison to the previous usage. If you received a postcard in the mail, please review the note written on the card with specific details of usage for your account. 

If you know why there was an increase in usage, you may disregard the notice. If you are unsure, you may contact the Finance Department at 630-232-0854 during operating hours to learn more about the reported usage. 

Utility bills are processed and billed for all water usage based on each recorded meter reading. There are no adjustments made for meter reads that include water used, wasted, or lost through leakage. Please note the City does not give out sewer credits for lawn watering, filling a swimming pool, or ice rinks.

Learning More About Water Consumption

Checking Your Water Usage

  • Learn how to check your water usage and read information about a person's daily average consumption. Your higher water consumption may be due to your water-related activities. There are potential causes for higher water consumption such as irrigation systems or watering your lawn, water softeners, and changes in water use.

Checking For Water Leaks

  • Learn how to check for water leaks. Your high water consumption may be due to a potential leak at your property. Toilet and faucet leaks are common continuous leaks that can increase your water consumption if no actions are taken.

Other Resources

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  • In this video, EPA's WaterSense program reminds you of the steps you can take to check, twist, and replace as you save water for yourself and your community.

Fix a Leak Week

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